Wednesday, October 22, 2008

share the road

over the course of many courses, i have run by (and occasionally into) a veritable bevy of animals, vegetables and minerals. a typical 5km excursion is not complete without at least one sighting of the common and pestilent species 'pick-up-truckus-full-of-mulleted-rednecks', often heard braying a rather futile call to courtship; "run forrest, run!" punctuated with a loud whistle or honk of the horn-- for the hard of hearing female. it is a wonder that their phylum is not extinct, but even amoeba's can multiply.

depending on the geographical coordinates, i have run the gauntlet of a country road full of listless sheep outside cambridge, dodged an assault course of turds left by the bahraini prime minister's herd of camels, and had a man in spandex give me an extra little push up a steep hill.

i have even been overtaken by a chain smoking gentleman (of a rather portly disposition) at the helm of a hover round, complete with oxygen tank and associated breathing apparatus- presumably for those taxing uphills.

yesterday, however, i witnessed my first cross country roller skiier(?) (obviously unique to this region), go sailing through the traffic lights.

i look forward to seeing an atlantic lobster, navigating the bunny slopes, this winter.


Kat said...

Can't decide whether that dude is cool or dorky... I like odd-ball sports, but maybe beach tennis would look cooler than cross country road blading...

Disa said...

nothing can ever compare to dodgeball, that was the most fun-ever.

~bikini bowling? that actually sounds like it already happens on an MTV channel.
~ice rink volleyball?

im starting to miss cali's "winter" temps.....

mansuetude said...

Wonderfully written.

how many mittens are you wearing right now?

Baby its cold outside, is a wonderful song to sing. :)

Disa said...

real wool socks, great for bed, running, rink volleyball. theyre like the magic eraser for feet. they get wet, but the water evaoprates somewhere and your feet stay dry..amazing!