Friday, October 17, 2008


october in new england; where there are still leaves on the trees (albeit a lovely shade of traffic cone), flip flops on my feet, and no snow on the ground. however, the remedial class on "winter" has already begun, for she who grew up in the land of "sand and camels". in addition to winter tyres, chains on tyres, and all wheel (or rear wheel?) drive (why don't you just suck it up and get a subaru like everyone else), residents of the northeast supplement their ice scrapers and shovels with snow blowers. this makes sense to me, an industrial sized leaf blower (i visualize princess vespa's hairdryer from 'spaceballs'), to melt ice and blow snow from your windscreen- genius!

apparently not.

[with much undisguised mirth]: "no, no, no. 'snow blower', like 'lawn mower', you push it".

i anticipate further ridicule when it is time to explore the profound and esoteric domain of thermal underwear.


mansuetude said...

nobody puts chains on Tyers do they>>>??? Do bald Tyers wear a Toupee to get down the road?

Snow shoveling was one of my favorite things, on a late evening when the snow kept falling, lighting up the dark sky, it would absorb the sounds, and hush the whole world.. . we would stay out so late on those nights, ahhh...

no leafblowers then!

Disa said...

they talked about chains on tyres in kentucky...maybe it was a local thing?

you have hit on a personal soapbox favourite of mine. leafblowers are part of the reason obesity is becoming such an epidemic. no manual labour.

mansuetude said...

noise pollution
me hate noise
unless i be making it :)