Thursday, August 19, 2010

the REAL, real housewives

were i (and assorted photojournalist/social worker/museum development director girlfriends) to be fortunate enough to play the role of real, 'real housewives', it is highly improbable that there would be much video footage of us camped out at the botox doctor taking tennis lessons while learning the finer points of jewelry making.

the question is: what would we do?

"shopping" could really only soak up the first few days of housewifedom, quickly becoming tedious (and expensive). no matter how much stock in the portfolio, REAL, real housewives are still more inclined to go to tj maxx than t. hilfiger, because let's face it, REI has only so much north face going on closeout per season. yet like our mcmansion living counterparts, we too enjoy activities that keep us lean and 'not puffy'. rather, my fellow ladies of leisure would be filmed engaging in a regimen of anything but: yoga/pilates/zumba related exercise, and other pursuits that don't involve launching an organic moonrock make-up line or sexually ambiguous pop career. afternoons can then be dedicated to volunteerism and fundraising (doing what we did pre-R,RH status, except for free, rather than just peanuts), because as far as i'm concerned our less fortunate brethren have the same right to access crap reality tv and a shopping basket full of organic soy milk and puffed oat cereal at whole foods.

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