Sunday, August 29, 2010

(crawling through) mud, barbed wire, pond water and drainage pipes is apparently more attractive to women than a 75% off sale at banana republic

i do not do 5k's. they hurt too much and are over before you can watch a complete episode of "hoarders", not to mention you barely burn off enough calories to accommodate the finish line bagel and half banana.

however, if race organizers plot a course at a ski resort, where you have to run up the 'soooo-not-a-nursery-slope', while snow guns blast you with 100 gallons of water per second, then i'm all about laying down some money for a bib number.

truthfully, i just wanted an opportunity to leave some of my ass cheek on the most enormous slip and slide down the mountain.

any remaining dermis was sloughed off in the spa portion of sunday river's tough mountain challenge.

allowing participants to feel revitalized and refreshed for that final sprint across the cargo net, to jump through a 'ring of fire' finish line.


mansuetude said...

this looks invIGORATING !

Love the title (though that is a good sale!)

Disa said...

i loved that the ladies outnumbered the gents at the start line.