Sunday, August 8, 2010

well, at least it's a nice day to go for a hike.

several months ago it seemed like a not un-good idea to do two foot races back-to-back. it would have been the equivalent of saying no to chocolate mousse torte and cheesecake-- why can't you just have biscuits and mascarpone a la mousse? the beach to beacon road race on-line registration caps out by 6:08am. if you are one of the unfortunates with a dial up connection, then those 7 minutes and 59 seconds can be more grueling than the actual 10k itself. and so i was one of the lucky ones who got to wake up at the sparrow's fart on a saturday to eat porridge (when i wasn't hungry), throw coffee down my throat (when i wasn't actually ready to be conscious), and then sit on the toilet (when i wasn't even remotely dilated). all to show up at the start line, run way faster than felt enjoyable, in order to cross the finish dizzy and nauseous. but a minute and some change sooner than last year, damnit.

sunday: 9 miles of uphill trail running, err, hiking, but mostly running, on the flats. flat-ish flats, as flat as you can get on a mountain. first year doing this one, so i was just focused on keeping the expectations low, in order for an impressive PR next year.

way more fun because i got to say i raced the day before and was therefore "sore", "tired", and "not really racing, but just enjoying the journey".

and the best t-shirt i've ever put over a wet, salty sport's bra.


Jawz 3 said...

if you go up you must come down and
these are known as mine shaft marathons

Disa said...

do you get a canary as well?