Monday, April 19, 2010

choking the chicken

it is a natural, genetic and biologically driven instinct for all living things to engage in the occasional, disconcerting bout of behaviour, however, it is far more alarming to actually see them doing it, especially when you have a box seat view.

every weekend, axel gets a super concentrated round of hiking and socialization with 6 other dogs, all in varying degrees of age, size and hormone level. one of his contemporaries, a golden retriever prone to sporadic, yet highly focused episodes of humping, lives with a lovely, wholesome family who do good things for mother earth like drive eco-happy cars, grow salad and raise their own free range breakfast foods. their property also backs up onto the trail head.

despite a diet heretofore limited to dry food, AAA batteries, and sunglasses, the big yellow dog made an immediate and supersonic conversion to organic, atkins, and cannibal when their hapless foul pecked onto his gastric radar. meanwhile i was left chasing a feathery wake that rivaled the entrails of a queen sized duvet.

fortunately chickens are hard wired to "play dead" and labradors are designed with "soft jaws".



mansuetude said...

i think he's huge on that tiny Sofa... what a photo! Its like an optical illusion. Giant dog, normal sofa.

Disa said...

he's my furry, little oxymoron. :)