Monday, April 12, 2010

dialogueing for the diagnostically opposed

- have you seen my wallet?

- no.

- but i had it in one of the bags when i brought in the stuff from the supermarket- which YOU unpacked.

- who puts their wallet in a shopping bag?

- well what did you do with it when you put away the food?

- i don't know, i don't remember seeing it (WHO puts their wallet in a shopping bag?)

- you must have thrown it away.

- why would i throw your wallet away? (WHY would you put your wallet in a shopping bag?)

[much rifling through the rubbish bin]

- it might behoove you to identify one location for your sunglasses/watch/wallet/keys, besides the roof of the car/anywhere the labrador's jaws can reach/ in the pocket of something that goes into the laundry bin and subsequently the washing machine...

- ha! i found it. you did throw it out with the bags.


- this is why you shouldn't be so obsessed with tidying.

- (...!...).


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Glad you were able to find it before garbage day! It's funny, I just recently posted about my fiancee throwing away several boxes of brand new contact lenses. 'Cause WHO keeps their new contact lenses in an empty Q-tip box?!?!?! Oh wait...that would be me...

Disa said...

"fiance"??? congratulations. sounds like you upgraded to a better version ;)

mansuetude said...

I fear this is a story bout me. These days. I seem to have no house keys. No sunglasses. No idea how or where they r. Too young for alzheimers I am certain.

Disa said...

but you remember the really important things. :)