Friday, January 22, 2010

sommeliers; the weight loss coaches of tomorrow?

with the advent of the all-meat, no-protein, low-carb, hi-glycemic index, point counting, weight watching, special-k-once-a-day-as-part-of-a-low-calorie-diet, milkshake chugging, 3 square bowls of cabbage soup, plans to a better body, i'm just curious as to why the more obvious "less calories in than the ones expended" is not making the NY times bestseller list.


my solution is that the coca cola company schedule a pow-wow with some so-cal, or so-african vineyards (maybe extend an invite to sir richard branson) and get cracking on a sexy little campaign for "diet merlot", and "shiraz lite".

throw in a few electrolytes and hitting the treadmill could never be more fun.


the wine abuser said...

I have been saying this for years! Again last night during all the budlight adds Superbowl). There used to be a wine that I think was just called "6" because it had only 6 carbs/glass (6 ozs) and it wasn't bad, but it seems to have disappeared.Perhaps we should take up a new career!

Disa said...

wine in a box could even be sexy...