Thursday, January 21, 2010

freshly squeezed butt juice

anal seepage can prove be something of a social obstacle, however, humans are in general, successfully able to mask these sorts of medically related personal hygiene issues with a little dab of preparation H and a good pair of leakproof, absorbent pants.*

unlike our furry, four legged brethren, when things are a bit impacted, there is no sphincter hanging out to dry, nor are there rugs, bedding and other upholstery to leave skid tracks on when scratching "that" itch. a common red flag- or brown smear- is catching your pet doing the "butt scoot" across the floor/your lap/the duvet cover. treatment options include a $30 visit to your veterinary paraprofessional (or grooming service) to have the anal glands expressed. a more cost effective solution is to perform a quick browse on your preferred internet search engine, which yields a surprising array of narrative and youtube instructionals, in order to SIY (squeeze it yourself).

*trans; panties. (noun). american.


jawz3 said...

holly has the AGS (@nAl gland squeeze) treatment from time to time... its essential

Disa said...

will this be part of the dog sitting duties mid feb?