Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it is better to have raced and lost, than to have never raced at all

"i have a throat that's scratchy, a nose that's runny, and my brother and his wife are in town visiting from england, and we all ate very rich food and drank copious amounts of wine last night".

"i've done something to my L4 and L5".

"i left my running shoes at home, but found a pair to borrow that are half a size too small for me."

february in maine, 10 miles of rolling hills, the wind chill of a cape elizabeth coast line; it is easy to gripe and make excuses, albeit mine were a little more whiney (refer to first set of quotation marks), but rather just get on and do it, than talk about doing it, not do it, and then not have anything to do a little race report on.

(it sucked).

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