Sunday, December 6, 2009

a winter word association

parking bans that go on for 3 days and snow plows that don't appear for 4, legs that go unshaved for weeks at a time, overpriced raspberries at the supermarket (it's not like they're pine nuts for pete's sake), flipflops relegated to the back of the wardrobe, a salt crust bonded to every orifice of the car, muddy footprints in the car, short runs (that feel like long ones) on the treadmill, the gym (dressing to both go to it, and to work out in it) masses of footprints/boots/coats/hats/gloves/running shoes (sadly, no flip flops)/errant leaves loitering inside the entryway, pale skin-the kind that showcases your circulatory system, no more freckles- or oreo frosties, hat hair, pyjamas at 5:08pm, paying attention to the weather forecast, wipers frozen to the windscreen, fingers frozen to the ice scraper, "visibility" clothing for afternoon runs, slippy roads and sloppy motorists, unpainted toenails, de-icing the plane, cancellations, airport delays, unsafe conditions, travel advisories, vitamin d deficiency, a frozen margarita deficiency, "layering" to take the rubbish out, black ice and broken hips.


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mansuetude said...

i think you are getting the rhythm, i think you are lovin it!

ya'll happy looking there!