Wednesday, December 9, 2009

super sized shopping

"members only" wholesale shopping establishments have long served as the retail vatican for countless 2.4 suburban minivan driving middle americans.

(i am now a 2.0 (dog) card carrying member).

this approach to re-stocking the pantry is no different than ordering 8 sliders (these would be normal sized hamburgers in the 'british system') fries, steak, shake and diet coke combo because it costs less than a newspaper; what customer is not rendered powerless when confronted with excessive savings on excess.

45lbs of bacon rashers? 24 bottles of listerene? forget that you have the storage space of a doll's house, the latest design principles purport an industrial looking "warehouse" thematic, anyway.

and realistically, the 93 count carton of loo roll will get burned through at a pace equal to the ingestion of a box of fibre 1 that meets the standard requirement to fit into an overhead bin.

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