Sunday, September 13, 2009

a labour day survival guide for visitors

labour day in the united states means snatching up those half price slip 'n slides at target for next year's 'two sunny days in june', followed by a full body crippling 'beef 'n beer' indigestion.

it also mean supporting the travel and tourism industry, by way of contributing to amtrak's coffers and the 'tv sitcom made famous bar' in beantown.

it means saving the environment, by driving a gas guzzler two hours to "almost canada", in order to conserve electricity by burning bits of leftover crown molding to liquify and blacken marshmallows that then fall into the embers of an egg and dart.

it means being able to experience a little discomfort (willingly) in order to exploit the situation.

and class 5 whitewater.


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