Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh yes i can

it is time for an intervention. i signed up for a 12 mile trail race, "the bradbury bruiser", so-called because of ankle twisting rock gardens in the last two miles of the course.

as most impulsive actions tend to be, this was a totally random "10:30 at night, i wonder what the new PR racing website aka tuesday night with the bates track crackheads looks like" ...and then there was a link...which i clicked....and then clicked "register now", it was only $20, i wasn't even sure that guaranteed a t-shirt (it did).


for the record: the t-shirt was so cool, i got one in my size, instead of sending it to my dad-- who is currently sporting assorted XL cotton of all the timing chip events i have participated in thus far.

fact: 12 trail miles do not burn as many calories as road miles, however they did score some parentheses-like sports bra chafing into my cleavage. fact: squidgy mud pits, poison ivy and a sweaty back (less than a foot in front), facilitates way more sharing than the confessional- certainly more than any road race i've ever attended. fact: being in your 40's and birthing a couple of children does not mean you are relegated to the "middle aged/too busy to get outdoors/puffy" shelf.

"do you want to sign up for 14 weeks of boot camp?"

-why not?

"the LA marathon would be fun to do- what do you think?"


"6 mile run (before you go to boot camp)?"

- sure, and i'll go an extra 3 with you for an even 9, just because you said you were feeling good.

"want to get up at 7am and run 14 miles with me on saturday (before you do the trail race on sunday)?"

fortunately, this zealour for "yes" had not yet developed during the 'sex, drugs and acid washed denim with puffy flourescent pink paint' years of adolescence.

there is a 12 hour mountain bike race at the same place this weekend. good thing i committed to something else already.

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