Tuesday, March 3, 2009

just say NO!

i have become the wal-mart mother- despite years of counseling multi-generations of babymomma's, and other ancillary aunties and grandmommas, on the detrimental effects that screaming redirects across the room has on the nurturing and attachment styles of their hyperactive hellians. and while "time-out" is a well researched and peer reviewed method (except when you leave things like rubbish bins full of banana peels, soggy coffee filters and egg cartons in the designated "naughty space") smacks, wooden spoons, shaming, and threats of "don't make me put my laptop down and come in there", tend to be the default technique.

of course until evolution kicks it up a notch and rielly and axel either develop opposable thumbs or the 'bewitched nose twitch', their toys and remains of the granola box will be dutifully tidied up, while they take a well earned, cute looking recovery nap.

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