Wednesday, March 4, 2009

yee-haaaaaaaaaaaarrr! *

any remaining thoughts that maine was over run with hot, but edgey looking models from the patagonia catalogue, have been ousted by the reality that most residents hate winter, and are as familiar with ski's, snowboards, and syrup as the assumption that all californians shoot out of the womb on a surf board, munching sushi rolls.

snowstorms appear to be a retail redneck repellant, where wal-mart's statewide are missing the usual trolley gauntlet in the canned meat and cheese aisle-- because their "guests" are racing snow mobiles at the nearest body of frozen water.

the "snowdeo", predictably sponsored by budweiser, has more corn dogs per frigid square foot, than the midway at the kentucky state fair. i can only hope that they actually have monster trucks (with chains on the tyres) launching over school buses.

* new england hillbilly translation


Sicker Eve Folk said...

I wanna hear how these people of whom you speak would pronounce that word you use - "TYRES" - if you handed them a note that read, "2 tyres - front - p250 r16" and just told them to read it aloud to you.

Disa said...

they say "mumma" and "arnt" for the matriarchs in their family. im not sure i could correctly read that not though.