Monday, November 17, 2008


there are certain words that are enunciated with more gravitas or emotion than others. the "cute" category typically extends vowels for any and all nouns. "small" anything (barring mud wrestling midgets in speedos) is adorable. "fully grown" anything, becomes a case by case determination (the only exception are chihuahas, which, regardless of physical maturation, are as desirable as an ironing board).

it is time for reilly the dog to have a younger brother. having grown up as part of a duo, i appreciate the value of a sibling to spend years convincing that i am, in fact, the favourite/should have the majority of the space lego pieces/automatically qualify for the top bunk/get to lick the side of the bowl with the most chocolate chips/sit in the front seat next to dad.

stretch marks are not included.


mansuetude said...

is that a littleyellow lab?
I don't know dogs, but she lookkkk cute... how many dresses does she own, get her a coloring book for true development--maybe finger paints (those were fun)...

Disa said...

yes, we expect to add a lab to the family in jan- after all the long distance travels are out of the way, so it will be easier to monitor the chewing/pooing and build a healthy attachment- no abandonnment/rejection issues in this house! :)