Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dress code

i haven't had to wear an official uniform since i left boarding school, at 18. however, the wardrobe du jour for the past 3 months has comprised of pj's, running wear, and a standard painting outfit.

i am back to being 5 (again), where choices in multiples of 3 or more are extremely overwhelming, and the suitcase for an upcoming trip to florida is packed with enough knickers to last me 6 days.

-and my new running shoes.


mansuetude said...

pooohhh peeee
what? only six pair?
What if Winnie the oohh shows up and needs one? I hear he is down there looking for winter honey (buns)...:)

Kat said...

I think you should become a Breatharian so that your body doesn't excrete yucky oils, and you don't have to pee/poo. THEN you'd only have to pack ONE pair and wear it the WHOLE time while it remains CLEAN. Come on, Disa. Start being a Breatharian TODAY.

Disa said...

wow, that sounds even more interesting than jews for jesus and the mormons. you might need your own infomercial.