Tuesday, November 25, 2008

fake fir, flaccid flesh, and alligator eviction

florida; where old ladies impersonate beefy jerky dessicating on the beach, and their more senior sugar daddies, display an unwavering loyalty for olympic swimwear and penny loafers.

...and "boot camp" is for BMW SUV driving housewives and their munchkins to squat laps around the marina in babyjogger convoy, before replenishing depleted energy reserves with an acai-collagen infused smoothie.

where fake festive firs, ring around the 'all natural palm tree' rosey...

and the "alley" is now visibly native to a commuting retail outlet pilgrim genus, who sleep soundly in their 'super 8' habitats, knowing that they paid less for a year's supply of jarred candles, than it cost to put low grade petrol in their dodge caravans.

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