Sunday, November 16, 2008

becoming a woman, or just not being a cheapskate

i am tighter than a duck's water proof arse when it comes to spending money. however, there are some things that necessitate a wallet probe. i recently ended a dissatisfying and unfulfilling 15 year relationship-- $19.99 on a flat iron from the local walgreens-- it's like upgrading from florescent cheese in a can, to fresh mozzarella, doing the backstroke, in a tub of water.

and they're pink! goodness golly girly gracious. the only thing that would make these tongs for the trichologically challenged even better is if they had glitter, lace, and my little ponies cavorting all over the handles.

i have been born again. if my "just put fingers into plug socket" frizz can be tamed, then these things are probably powerful enough to straighten ru-paul.


bethany said...

my little fuzz ball is growing up :(

Disa said...

nah. still walking round in my tatty digital watch and 20 year old (?) wonderbras. as well as being lazy.

Kat said...

Nice! I think Rite-Aid had a better deal: $14.99, BUT mine isn't PINK, so I'd say you got a STEAL!

Disa said...

this thing has magical powers, i swear it willfind the cure for a terminal illness in years to come. don't come between a girl and her appliance!