Thursday, November 13, 2008

beauty and the deceased

it was so cold this morning that there were icicles forming on the fountain. which is very pretty when viewed from behind a window, while wearing flannel pyjamas, wool socks, and clutching a mug of coffee. not so full of pulchritude when standing outside in pyjamas, trying to shoo the dog out of the way and take a quick picture.

and for those of you who will be responsible for positively identifying my frozen corpse (sans dog):


mansuetude said...

you are so FUNNY>

short for pulchritude = Tude.

you got the tude, girl!

Disa said...

unfortunately my photography skills are not quite up to par, and you cant even tell that the ice is frozen, oh well, was a nippy morning, and getting a shot 'a la mansuetude' (not even in the same league though) was not prioritized over frozen toes.

mansuetude said...

icycles are wonderful to photo

but i have run away from them

and, popsicle toes, is the word!!! It hasn't begun... :)