Saturday, September 20, 2008

remembering the 80's- when a school picture sparks a thousand memories (and comments on facebook)

catching octopi at the red sea with BBQ skewers, intentionally peeing all over the boy's bathroom floor, having a dunce hat put on your head by the teacher and then being told to stand in the corner, separate swim days at the pool for men and women- so you could never actually swim with both parents at the same time, teachers jailed and then deported for growing marijuana, being warned that you could go blind if you didn't look away as your classmate's father (also your opthamologist) is bringing a cauterizer towards your retina, motley crue tapes being censored with "the black marker" because saudi authorities didn't realize the band members were men, harbouring resentment over an imperfect spelling test when the american teacher docked a point for the addition of a "u" in "colour", even though it was an international school.

and the 90's; where the size of your (ok, my) glasses increased in tandem with the myopia.

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