Monday, September 22, 2008

carpal diem

there is a tingling in my fingers- and it is not love, bengay, or the results of handwashing too close to a plug socket. it would appear that the many hours i have logged on the laptop are benign compared to the scrubbing, stripping, scraping, and rolling that the nerves in my metacarpals have endured over the past four weeks.

my fingers are currently arthritic, and fairly useless for "activities of daily living". this serves as yet another reminder why it is so important to find a life partner (preferably someone 20 years junior) who can grip the requisite four sheets of double layered charmin (andrex for the british reader, other nationalities-- aside from a hand or a hose, fill in your popular national brand here) and wipe for me, or at the very least hold it still and i will just "glide" across. clearly wiping is not the problem, when your fine motor has gone down the toilet.

and with all the standing (and scrubbing/stripping/scraping/rolling) i can expect my first varicose vein to swim to the surface any day now.

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