Friday, September 12, 2008

a (kentucky) jew-hova wedding story

iraqi jews, reformed jews, buddhists, a gay baptist in a committed relationship, engaged babymomma's, single babydaddies, twice married's, mohawked punks, coiffed glamour goddesses, neuroscientists, mechanics, artists, fixie bike delivery boys, divorced MILF's, trustafarian's, 6 figure income with grandkids, irregular paycheques with no 401k , tattoos and bling, designer suits, hawain shirts, rock musicians and flautists, closet republicans, uber liberal lefties-- and; social workers (we didn't start the fire).

the guest list was the united colours of benetton tidily arranged on fold out chairs, watching a perimenopausal rabbi, sporting a livestrong bracelet, sing in hebrew under the chuppah (a jewish "easy-up"), that the groom had finished building that morning (as well as custom made yarmulkes, hot off the sewing machine, for the entire wedding party).

where else could the bride be bitten by a pig earlier in the day, and be married against the backdrop of dromedaries, zebra's and dairy cows.


mansuetude said...

wow. the language of a melting pot (boiling or simmering)>

are you all getting married? you have twins in all age ranges! :)

someone is getting lucky! Looks great.

(you know, lobsters love to go to weddings, you should've brought him with you! :)

Disa said...

that would be a true kentucky wedding- keep it all in the family.

our table determined that bringing one of your best girlfriends as a wedding date was ideal, no pouting or complaining at the girl-fest, and an appreciation for the miniature portions of food and voluminous size of bustle.