Friday, November 16, 2007

satisfactory performance

i have a chronic case of childhood onset, rose tinted myopia. in my nascent career as a middle manager with staff to supervise, i have maintained the elementary school belief that if we all just work hard and get along, there will be enough time left over for pranks and fart jokes. 6 months in, and i just had the working stiff's equivalent of laser eye surgery, manifested in the 'internal recruitment process'.

the employer's version of the grade school report card defines "S" as; treading water for multiple sets of 365 days. it appears that in this disgruntled, 'take it (all) to judge judy' era, minimum effort from the worker equals maximum "loyalty" from the agency.

the writing is on the wall (and it's the same size as the top letter on that bloody eye exam); tenure has taken away (my) right to choose.


mansuetude said...

I thought i was the only one who used the word nascient.. its hard, I try to squint, like a child looking at the christmas lights, make it all blury until you feel the joy! Is that legal?

Happily Even After said...

I used to be a teacher, and I joined the local teacher's union b/c it was just sort of expected (and they said it was one's only defense if some punk-ass kid ever said you tried to molest him after school). Anyway, unions are great and all, except when they aren't. Like tenure, they can cater to mediocrity. Mediocrity sucks.

disa said...

actively EARNING something feels like it should be rewarded and recognized rather than passively.