Sunday, November 18, 2007's not all about "disa"

narcissism has some great ways of decorating reality; my narcissism. last year i played on a coed social football (soccer) league- this was the first time i had dribbled something (that was not on my pillow) in over 20 years. i begged the guy positioned behind me to be very concrete in his directives; "run forwards", "run backwards", "no, faster!", "kick the ball", "start breathing and get back up off the grass, now is not the time to lie down/cry/take a rest". he coached little kids, so i knew he could break it down for me. i found him to be very encouraging and informative. "push up d", "good job, d", "kick the ball, d". i sucked, but his narrative made me feel like i had contributed in some small way.

fast forward to coed flag football league this year. again, many patient voices and coaches, both on and off the field; cheering and directing me! "good job, d!" "don't let them through, d". "come on defense, don't let them through."




not me?




Jill said...

:-0 :-0 :-0 Oh well, it still COULD have been Disa!!!!!! :-)

mansuetude said...

THat first line is AMAZING! Good job D! I love it D! KEep it up!

Corey said...

Disa, your the best.