Thursday, November 15, 2007

"this is why you (should) have a husband"

i tend to manage my money the way i do my health; ignore it and everything will be fine. my checking account is overdrawn, i have been charged a tonne in overdaft fees. this is not how cancerians are supposed to function. according to the "star sign in 4 sentences or less" bible, we are a financially conservative breed who snuggle nightly with their piggy banks. although i only take vitamins when i am starting to get a cold/remember/have the urge to.

i am a moocher, just not in the orange county housewife "buy me a fur coat with LV branded into the cuffs" way. rather, the "take care of my basic needs/problems that i could probably figure out after about 3 hours of head scratching and fuming" kind of way. last week i was sitting-in-traffic-to-work, when another motorist pointed out that my front tyre was very low on air. once at work, i confirmed the diagnosis, however my "go to for anything vaguely related to stuff guys are supposed to fix" co-worker, was away at a training. so i drove rather slowly to a whole building of men who were "trained to fix". female deprivation and/or working at an auto shop with only ted/bill/bob/rick for company, had a rather helpful chap named "shaun" (his embroidered shirt said so), impersonating nascar pit crew for me.

crappy financial planning/management aside, i need to write down what the psi should be on my tyres, buy a pressure gauge and learn how to use it (again). because if i do not do something frequently and repeatedly (multiplying fractions would be a prime example; aren't they the ones you flip and then just add, or is that when you divide?); i forget. however, this behaviour never held true in my decision to keep trying to live with yet another (drug/religion/sex addicted) roomate.

"shaun" gave me his tyre gauge, and told me i could come back monthly and he would check them for me. i wonder how good he is at doing taxes.

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Anonymous said...

My car maintainence avoidance once got me towed away from my vehicle. I was in Massachusetts, driving to meet my sister for lunch, got pulled over--my sticker from NC had expired three months ago. They towed my car away and my sister drove past on her beucolic street to wave at me--rescue me thank GOd. I had to have a friend come plead with the cops to tow it to his garage so I could then sneak out of town at 3 am with my unregistered whatever...vehicle and drive back to NC to get my shit in ORDER>>> Inspections are not for the car, it was fairly new, but for the egos of the little boy cops who put their hands on their holsters walking strutting up to the will you roll your window down mamm? I am power over your petty life attitude. Some of them are even related in those small new england towns,,, I am ranting.