Thursday, September 13, 2007

which came first; the stinky shoes or the stinky feet?

there is definitely a continuum of stench as related to smell; from the mildly pongy "one-too-many-onion-bhajis-the-night-before" morning breath, to the dry heave inducing "gorgonzola-rotting-carcus-dog-shit". there is very little grey, someone's pits either smell, or smell really bad.

my mary janes (not a euphemism, you filthy boys) have never, not smelled bad. subsequently, every time i wear them my feet smell (once i remove the shoes to unlock the scent). i thought they were past smelling any worse. today i was standing and having a conversation with a co-worker and i could smell my feet/shoes- my nostrils are over 4 feet (ha!) away from them.

this is terribly unladylike.


Mystery Blogger said...

I smell what you're steppin in with this topic. for sure. Here's my solution... Odor eaters.

I blogged today, and it was actually fun!

Melinder said...

Aren't those Keen Mary Janes? I swear I think people wear the Keen's in the factory before they are sent out...I just apologize to everyone now before I remove mine. They really take on an odor of their own.

Jill said...

I have a pair of shoes that *always* make my feet stinky. I'm on the verge of getting rid of them even though they're practically new. I never wear them anyway, bec. I don't like stinky feet.

disa said...

i cant chuck the shoes out. they were too expensive and too cute!!!

Jawz3 said...

phew stinky breath is worse.
But then we know the cure..


Jill said...

Yeah that's what's holding me back on mine too...still, I think they're destined for Salvation Army. Maybe a bible thumper will like them since they don't hit that crease. :-)