Thursday, September 6, 2007

"'s happening again."

Full suspension, hardtail or padded shorts are irrelevant when it comes to some (lucky!) girls' shock absorption on the trail. For many, even a short "quickie" will result in bruising, however next time you are negotiating the roots near Beargrass Creek and the Seminary trail, pay attention if you see any of your dirt sisters bouncing down over (and over!) the rooty drop offs, digging into her eggbeaters (pedals), grinding her granny (gear), and clenching at her bar ends. Wait, until "girl on a bike"* finishes her ascent, and while she catches her breath, her heart rate slows, cheeks flushed and blotchy, she will ask you: "oh my god, can we do that again?"

* "girl on a bike" will remain anonymous in order to protect her identity.


Melinder said...

Um, it makes me think I need to work on my positioning. Maybe my new Trek will appease more.

disa said...

that or git you one of them vibrating seats!