Thursday, August 23, 2007

don't be scared of your shadow

all of those things you find highly irritating in other people- as a child this would be your annoying, younger brother, as an adult -probably still him- and of course, the biggest receptacle of blame; your mother. these lucky individuals contain the rejected, and EXPUNGED parts of yourself. the wholly distasteful habits and traits that are unembraceable (?) and can only be acknowledged in relation to "someone else". this characterological emesis is often called [cue spooky music]; "your shadow".

psychoeducation 101 segment; check.

as children, we play with/enlarge/shrink/run from/run to/jump on each other's/try to step on our own/make chickens and doves from our shadow. as adults, we turn on the lights/turn off the lights/go indoors/go outside/close our eyes/look straight ahead/look only behind/look at someone else's. not a lot has changed.

my doves still look like epilleptic octupuses.

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