Saturday, August 25, 2007

great expectations

i heard in church (the "no fire and brimstone" service for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at the local homeless shelter) on friday, how to play "who are you in the story?" during the sermon (it was something about people at a synagogue not wanting to help and heal a decrepit and diseased woman because it was the sabbath).


i had a conversation with a friend tonight, about dickens' semi-autobiographical novel. my immediate response was not wanting to end up like the crotchety and bitter miss havisham; admiring her cobweb collection, both on her candelabras and within her spirit. what a dreadful life sentence. until death.

estella; she's pretty, but what a cold, and controlling, fish.

dickens' protagonist, young pip. besotted, hopeful, but seemingly help-less.

each character detaches and/or chooses a situation that perpetuates this detachment.

and they all lived (.....)-ily ever after.

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Fickle Revokes said...

is there no hope for a re-casting in these lives/a life? I wonder only because of the "(…) ever after." Your words or his (assumed) words? It's an important distinction, or so I feel.