Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i scream, you scream (i scream, again!)

"vanilla", when it is does not involve dairy or cake, tends to be a synonym for "plain" and "boring", and generally references a proper noun. for example; "mary drives a honda civic, lives in a cookie cutter apartment complex by the mall, and wears white hanes, she is soooooo vanilla" (note, the other bakery reference for "boring" and "generic").

apparently, the non-vanilla "moose tracker sherbert ripplers" are out there piercing their fleshy bits (belly buttons being a popular destination for the gun), inking up their skin (barbed wire/butterfly/dolphin tattoo anyone?), and dying/chopping/shaving/mohawking their hair. they can also be found engaging in acrobatic, yogatastic sex in aeroplane/burger king/your next door neighbour's waterbed, who you are housesitting for while they are away in florida's, bathroom.

"vanilla", as i understand it (and have on occasion been labeled), implies a paucity of adventure, risk and change. oddly enough, the true dictionary definition describes vanilla as a flavouring "agent".


Melinder said...

My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla! Vanilla, while described as bland, should also be noted as reliable, dependable AND something you can add chocolate to...! Vanilla can be good if not...great!

Jill said...

I don't really care for vanilla ice cream, but no chocolate chip cookie is ever complete without a little more vanilla than the recipe actually called for.

Then again, I got a belly button pierce...but by way of needle, not gun. :-)

I wonder what makes it an agent?

maggie said...

one of my favorite movies as a kid was The Parent Trap. My favorite part was when they were at camp and they go to get ice cream and one of them got Vanilla w/ Choc syrup. That is the best kind. Vanilla Bean. Vanilla and Choc go well together. I mean they did come from the same plant! hmmmmmm