Thursday, June 21, 2007

what do a gynecologist and hairdresser have in common?

answer: patients/clients who are able to overcome their comittment issues.

there are very few women i know that will change their "service provider" once they have identified one that they trust, not necessarily like, but definitely feel "comfortable" with. the professional that is wielding the appropriate metal device will then be followed (sometimes even stalked), with unwavering loyalty, over office or salon moves, health insurance changes, and quite often, state lines. sometimes for decades, and even in spite of retirement.

i went 5 months, FIVE (caps and long hand are necessary to convey the emotional scarring), without going to the hairdresser when i moved to san diego. this is far too long to be walking around with a skunk stripe of dark roots for all to see, but wait and wear hats i did. i could not bring myself to go to another stranger, only to leave in tears, because she didnt do it; "the way KIM did it".


total-spender said...

This is a timely post. I think that the root cause of my current lack of activity concerning the ladies is because I will most probably conclude with the following remark: "they didn't do it the way [insert name here] did it ..."

Note to self - must stop commenting on blogs when under the influence.

maggie said...

I'm a salon whore, my gyno prefers it to be short and choppy so she can get through the mess. And she hasn't had any concerns w/ anything else.

Melinder said...

I like my gyno and one day he will retire....I will be hairdresser...the ONE I really loved...MOVED TO JAPAN.....How dare she...and this is why I have a rat's nest on my head.

kicker of elves said...

every woman I have known in any sort of intimate way has been absolutely, desparately loyal to their hairdresser or has been disappointed with having to remain loyal to one that does the best crappy, but consistently so, job that they could find. What's a good analog to one like this in a man's life?

disa said...

elf kicker: underwear. in my (limited) experience, guys find a brand they like and they will not change it, in fact they will continue to wear the same brand/pair for years and years (washing between wearings) until you could sieve flour through their drawers!