Friday, May 18, 2007

what's in a name? pt. 2

a friend told me her checkout chick at kroger was wearing a nametag that said "sha'darryl". this is a whole new exciting genre of names. the possibilities are suddenly overwhelming, but so much easier in the just add water and a 'half scoop of mum' folded in with 'half a scoop of babydaddy'. maggie could have been "jo'nise" if joseph and denise chickey had thought a little harder, or a little less. if she and her boyfriend eric procreated they could use the unisex monkiker "meric". my parents could have been so much more original with "zuri" (back before tomkat made his alleged college sports team inspiration famous) with zbys and ruri. sadly when people ask you what your name means, or you try and look it up in a baby book, or even to find it on a pencil/mug/t-shirt/snowglobe at a cheap tatty tourist shop it will not be there. just today i was browsing the miniature personalized ky vanity license plates, and while you can find matthew, mark, luke, john and chase, i could not find a peter.


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