Saturday, May 19, 2007

what do you get when you cross 3 foreigners, 3 americans, 2 margaritas, some paintings of boobs, and a giant 24 hour supermarket?

friday marked my first payday in two and a half months, unfortunately my date of employment cut across the pay period so the number on the cheque was a little (very little) deflating. however, friday is more enjoyable now that i can legitimately look forward to a weekend of "doing nothing" when i haven't been "doing nothing" the preceeding five days. this friday was a very 'connect the dots with out the numbers' day.

~ i went to work; did stuff.
~ went to the park; walked a lap with another foreigner, who has severe personal space/groping issues (grammar note: i do not have personal space/groping issues).
~ aforementioned groping foreigner and i went to purchase a birthday present at a shop that sells all kinds of foreign stuff.
~ went to collect another foreigner (this person does not have personal space/groping issues) whose 50-something birthday it was, and took her out to dinner.
~ ate dinner (bickered with groping foreigner) and made birthday foreigner laugh.
~ 2 friends (not foreign, questionable on the groping) from hiking last weekend (see a few blogs down) parked on the street, mere metres from where we were sitting, bickering and groping.
~ we became 5 and walked across the street to an art gallery where the non-foreigner was displaying her art (lots of boobs and pregnant bellies), and bumped into nun/art therapy supervisor from a few more blogs down.
~ phone rang (MAGGIE CHICKEY! not a foreigner or groper) and she joined us amongst the boobs 'n bellies.
~ groping foreigner and i dropped birthday foreigner home and then met maggie chickey for margaritas, mojitos and pina coladas.
~ (2 hours later) after a few drinks, on a beautiful friday evening, the group consensus was; to go grocery shopping (maggie needed food, the 2 foreigners need to get a life).
~ (30 minutes later) meijers: there were some white trash moments by the strawberries that involved groping foreigner induced camel toe (how appropriate that he is from iran and obviously familiar with camels, bedouin tents, spitting and herding goats).
~ there was some farting in aisle 3 (neither of the foreigners, the american has the toxic bowels) and some browsing in the guinea pig (no gerbils) section.

when i connect the dots i just get a rorschach looking scribble.

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total-spender said...

With friends like there who needs enemies?

Only 2 margaritas? Tsk! You must try harder!!