Friday, May 18, 2007

summer in the bluegrass

summer (as far as children being under their parents', and therefore my, feet) officially begins next friday in jefferson county. part of my seasonal job description is to find: "constructive use of residents' time" (not smoking pot and/or getting pregnant, although not a big issue with my age group), "developing appropriate social skills" (as opposed to wiping peanut butter in a peer's hair), and "being out and about in the community" activities for little johnny, suzy-q and la'qweesha'vonte.

browsing through the "kentucky: unbridled spirit" calendar of events for summer of oh-seven there are several possibilities under consideration. junior drag racing at the motor speedway will develop hand/eye co-ordination for the littlest tykes (laying the groundwork for 12 years of habitual video gaming). the paralyzed veterans bass fishing tournament practices the skills of sitting and staring at a flat surface for several hours at a time. and while im unclear on the curriculum for the 'invasive species volunteer workshop', i can pretty much guarantee a full van for this outing (and i could no doubt provide "instructors" from within the agency to teach the adventure based series on fire starting in union, ky). finally, summer wraps up with the duncan hines festival in bowling green, where i envisage vats of pre mixed devil's food cake batter to submerge in for a taste test. it is, indeed, good to be back in the bluegrass.

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