Thursday, May 17, 2007

what's in a name?

i have become accustomed to names with apostrophes, although how you fill out government forms (do you use a square for the apostrophe or just tack it onto the last letter?) i dont know. i am familiar with names containing more q's than a british supermarket, and even those parents that take their name and just switch out the first letter for each of the subsequent progeny; Barry, Garry, Marry, Karry, Larry, or the more exotic; Patrick, Datrick and Satrick.

i realize that some names will always create spelling problems for the 1-800 British Airways ticket rep, where those of us with foreign and uncommon names, not of the mary, jenny, sarah garden variety, create pulsating migraines for those in the customer service industry. however, i am beginning to notice a "moniker tattooing" trend in order to personalize your own "label" to be; different, unique and original (just like everyone else). now i read differently (but hear the same); "mhari", "jeni", and "saira". last night i was watching an unsolved murder documentary about "jarrud" slashing "malinda" into freezer bag sized chunks. these are also the people who will get extremely irate when you do happen to "mispell" their names (as in you spell them the way they've been written in the bible or on US sitcoms for years and years).

sometimes i hate humans.


total-spender said...

I get to give all my kids English names. I tend to try and give them something original and borrow heavily from films.

Needless to say that at present our school has more than it's fair share of superheroes and A-list celebrities. When imagination fails I'll just go with daytime TV chatshow hosts.

Anne said...

I never thought of that - Lilly, Billy, Tilly, Silly
Where were you when we were naming them?

melinder said...

My mother named me after a soap opera character....and I get Melissa, Melanie, Melody, Wanda, Matilda, ....M-E-L-I-N-D-A...I am glad I am not in a freezer bag!