Friday, May 25, 2007

sometimes it is just black and white

there are the people who have offices or homes with windows and artificial light. they choose to keep their blinds on one setting; "cave", and strip lights set to; full, but dingey, beam. these are commonly, also the owners of convertibles who keep their tops on, windows up, and AC at full blast, on a perfect summer day.

i will not pretend to understand these people. neither will i pretend to be upset if they get roughed up in an alley, their house (and blinds) burns down, or their lexus is keyed.


total-spender said...

Disa - how long have you been in the USA? You really sound (in a good way) like a Total Vagabond !!

total-spender said...

Angry rant - care to elaborate on what was the catalyst for it?