Thursday, May 24, 2007

andy warhol was right

prepare the family sized box of tissues for a nose bleeding soap box of a rant.

i have a child on my "house" who has emotional and therefore learning and behavioural related issues. he is in a "regular" classroom with over 20 other children; he is learning nothing other than what he "cant do", and therefore creative ways of passing time and pissing off his teacher and peers. the argument given to me was that "labeling" this child would be detrimental to his self-esteem. therefore the obvious solution is to frustrate the shit out of him (and burn out all of his educators so that no one wants to work with him, or play 4 square with him at recess) until he truly meets criteria for "bee, capital dee".

apparently "name brand" is ok as long as it doesnt require psychotropic intervention.

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kicker of elves said...

How would this "child" be labeled, and how might that make a f*cking difference in anything? Or, how might you wish to label?