Saturday, May 26, 2007

its a jeep thing...

~ the apparent humour of "everybody loves raymond" and "king of queens"
~ resisting the impulse to pick a thick, bubbling scab
~ (to louisvillians) the magnetic pull to dine at ramsi's
~ (to joe public) applebees, olive garden, in fact any type of "chain", be it a hotel or coffee shop
~ flavoured coffee
~ norah jones (unless youre standing in line at mcstarbucks waiting for a venti-mocha-grande-latte-chino, or taking an aromatherapy bubble bath, burning scented candles while your ovaries are throbbing at the state of your personal life
~ purses with more belts than a strait jacket
~ people who name their plants/cars/children; "magenta sky", "pineapple", "rocket ship" and call their dog/pot bellied pig; "jack" or "simon"
~ obese vegetarians
~ dog owners at the park, who allow their beloveds to jump (unleashed) out of the car and then become upset (at motorists/pedestrians/cyclists) when poochie runs excitedly into a baby jogger/under a truck/into the spokes of a bike
~ the appreciation for dave eggers
~ the ubiquity of crocs
~ sunglasses the size of woks
~ blue nail polish
~ tattoos
~ "christians" who have sex (repeatedly) before marriage
~ people who get obsessive about the flu shot every year, but refuse to medicate a throbbing headache because they want to 'wait it out'

...i dont understand.


total-spender said...

re over-sized sunglasses - I've seen some real stunners in large sun glasses. Once said glasses have been removed, however, sometimes what you see can been somewhat frightening.

Go figure.

kicker of elves said...

re: Eggers - I mostly agree, but I do feel that there is some really good stuff here and there in "…Staggering Genius" (the only thing even worth the time). But, yes, its also an example of how it hurts to be too consciously clever.