Thursday, April 26, 2007

"you saucy wench!"

thus spake my interviewer during my grilling for a 'counselor' position at the methadone clinic (one of two in this fine state). "mr personality" did not disappoint his initial telephone persona, as he also appeared to have a differential diagnosis of ADD and Tourette's. his stream of concsiousness was a constant flow of diaharea, self-interuption, and self commentary with virtually no self censorship. it was truly fascinating. i was addicted by the end. he had arabic money pinned to his corkboard (i saw this as a "sign" and will be bringing him a bahraini dinar to add to his collection when i return for my SECOND INTERVIEW NEXT WEEK! boo-yeahhh...or however that's spelled).

several minutes after he lapsed into anglo pirate mode, he said he had all manner of 'britishisms' he wanted to try out on me, but he could feel an impending lawsuit. he then asked me who my favourite superhero was. [who to choose? who to choose?] "captain caveman!" [if he's going to give me a random question, he's going to get a random answer], he was delighted and tickled, and went off on another tangent. he dropped the f-bomb (my second during an interview this week) with little self regulation. perhaps this is what comes from working with what he referred to as the "red haired child of mental health and addictions". after sitting in the waiting room, i think it would be more akin to the "mute, red haired, red neck, white trash, missing a limb, strange avacado shaped growth on the side of the face, with a stinking case of full body psoariasis" population.

i could totally see myself working there.


Ipsofacto said...

Worryingly, having read your description of the clients I could totally see myself being admitted there.

Hope all goes well next week. Keep us posted.

Melinder said...

He dropped the F bomb? Hmmmm....that is quite interesting. Have you thought about an exciting career in restaurant management?!!

Anonymous said...

Take the job and wow them with your britishness

Sam Shuey said...

Job hunting sux doesn't it? :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!