Sunday, April 29, 2007

bootstraps (picking one's self up)

boot·strap (bōōt'strāp') Pronunciation Key
1) A loop of leather, cloth, or synthetic material that is sewn at the side or the top rear of a boot to help in pulling the boot on.

a longtime family mantra, given that there was never much time to do more than pick up our respective luggage straps and board the plane for our next destination. "press on", "chin up", "don't look back", "moving forward".

however, continuing to proceed with life in this manner seems to sustain the momentum; i have caught myself many times ready to strap up, so to speak, and "move forward" when those rather unpleasant things commonly referred to as "feelings" have caught up with me.

eventually, however, a decision must be made to stop, take off your boots, empty out the accumulation of pebbles, stones, and paperclips (?), examine the blisters and callouses (see if there's anything good to pick at), slap on some cream and squeeze your swollen toes back in, in order to proceed forth with any sort of efficacy.

living my life in metaphors make so much more sense than living it in reality.


Ipsofacto said...

I concur - I gave up on reality years ago.

Among Worlds said...

Living through metaphors is always easier - actual living (whether you call it reality or not)has never provided an easy way to confront *life*.

OK - you "lived" through that phrase above [pause...grin] so let me just say 'congrats' on your movement forward!