Tuesday, April 3, 2007

try these shoes on for size

it is not until you walk in someone elses shoes can you truly know what the corny, smelly stench of discomfort is that they go through; denial and super strong odour eaters do not mask this. in the past week i have been on both ends of this, and i am starting to feel someone else's sweaty feet. it is easy to run around with a friend and enjoy your time, but there are other people connected and those people have size 6's or size 11's too. it is easy to blank things out when you have set boundaries with others and know that nothing untoward will happen. it is easy to run around doing random errands in your own shoes.

i generally prefer not to wear shoes, and when i do, they are usually mine (unless i borrow my mothers, a tangent not to be addressed at this point), however, as a child i did play dress up try on big grown up shoes, and they were uncomfortable. something to keep in mind.

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