Tuesday, April 3, 2007

strollers, snakes and such

it's not too often you get a personal (FREE!) invite to the zoo to check out feeding time in the herpaquarium. i got to see cottonmouths, timber rattlesnakes, red diamondbacks, prairie rattlesnakes, egyptian cobras (aka the asp that killed cleopatra), and angolan pythons chomping down on cute, fuzzy little rodents. unfortunately the anaconda's 2 monthly snack of chicken was not this month. it was spring break week though and the mass influx of mini vans and strollers with herds of screeching children made me want to chuck them inside the glass. a fabulous form of birth control for those that are considering exercizing their procreative powers. the albino alligator did nothing but lie around looking like he had been dipped in white chocolate (just in time for easter). ultimately, the highlight was checking out the giant tortoises, my one regret was that melinderr wasn't there to engage in some tortoise racing kodak moments from one end of the mud pit to the other! of course the bike trails are a-waiting.


Anonymous said...

Is that you in the pic?

disa said...

yes, the photographer took of 210 lbs and photoshopped out all the wrinkles, im really 96. http://holzking.net/photography/

an interesting aside; snake feeding happens before 12 because the EMS is less busy should a zookeeper be mistaken for lunch and need to be whisked off to the local ER for some anti venom.