Monday, April 2, 2007

not all picket fences are created equal

i once broke up with a boyfriend because i pictured us getting married, moving into a McMansion (he was a banker), in the Mc'Burbs, where i would drive a mini van, pop out a few kids, drive them to school, get my french manicure touched up weekly, meet friends for lunch, get depressed, go on prozac and have an affair. he is now living the dream (my nightmare) with someone else. at the time i was not ready for settling down, therefore my worst case scenario was inevitable.

in the past two weeks i have been to the aforementioned neighborhood and was once again, royally turned off by the prospect of these neat and orderly picket fences. i have also been on a rather cool arts and crafts lined street in the highlands. i was painting a garage and sneaking peeks next door at 2 little girls playing on the back deck, golden dog running amok. the house was hard wood floors, fireplaces and built in window seats.

i am not a McFence girl, but this would also involve being with a McBoy to build said fence.

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RE Car Wash - Delivering snakes ??!!!!!