Thursday, March 8, 2007

hermit crab

hermit crabs scuttle around with their home on their back, until they outgrow and discard it for another one (or a 10 year old decides to "coax" them right out of their shell at the beach in saudi arabia).

last year i lived out of my suitcase. in may i flew from bahrain to louisville, packed up, drove to san diego, flew to louisville, drove to greenville (wedding), flew to london, drove to oxford (meeting), drove to cambridge (brother's house), drove to oxford (another wedding), drove to cambridge (back to brother's) drove to london, flew to san diego. i felt like a cheap hooker, i barely spent more than one night in the same bed, let alone the same city.

history appears to be repeating itself, except now my suitcases are in my car, which has transported them across country to louisville. now if i need a clean pair of knickers i open my trunk/wardrobe. friends are telling me that they are jealous that i can/did just pick up, pack up and left; they have mortgages, jobs, responsibilities. i am starting to wish that i did have a home with a front door to close (and not just to switch the interior light off).

i think perhaps it is time that i got a mortgage.


kicker of elves said...

I have a mortgage, the responsibility for which I'd gladly offer to you. That would be an immense load off my goddamn back. And, regarding your (earlier) comment on my place - well, see that place.

Melinda said...

Again...I will trade you...six months let me live out of your car (with my clothes of course)...for sale...1BR optional...clean kitchen, furniture included...cable and nosy neighbors...$85,000 or best offer!