Thursday, March 8, 2007


i like boxes, functional, versatile, and diverse (like my men, bwah-ha-haa-haaa!). i have identified the most relevant boxes in my life, in no particular order.

packing boxes: great for loading up and storing all your crap in when you move. and when you get to your destination (unless you are an obsessive with a label making gun and sharpie), opening each one is like xmas all over again, except you don't have to do the fake 'i LOVE it' face, because you picked out this ugly shit. *

tool box: fixes and repairs things. functional, but mechanical.

first aid box: contains everything you need to make you feel better (as long as its not too acute).

trunk: somewhere to stash letters, home made cards; a place where memories are kept and added to. **

sewing box: random items to make something beautiful, functional or mend a favourite piece.

crackerjack box: a big, sometimes scary, surprise. then it's over.

small velvet box: (oh shit!)

empty refrigerator boxes: a good place to hide.

*also useful for shipping all the ugly shit that you/others picked out, to a random stranger with no return address.
** doubles as living room furniture/coffee table/extra seating & storage.

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