Friday, March 9, 2007

get on your hike

i took a 2 mile walk through the woods in southwest jefferson county today. the trails were dry, the trees were bare and the sky was blue. it doesn't get much better than peace and quiet when your brain and body are in constant motion. so many early memories are of my time in the giant sandbox of saudi arabia (we would take trays to slide down the dunes), that i always thought i wanted to live in a sandbox as this was an early imprint of mine. not so.

hopping over fallen logs, balancing on ramen noodle style root networks and crossing streams over rocks and getting wet feet are even earlier times. on the annual summer visit back to see the 'rellies we would take picnics in the woods, run around mushroom hunting and hide in the ferns with cousins waiting for the grown ups to walk by before we lept out and yelled "AMBUSH!"

tomorrow i get to go out and do it on two wheels.

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