Monday, March 12, 2007

mud, bruises & whining; a good gestalt

the inaugral mountain bike ride of '07 went off with a climb, effort and subsequent fizzle. no detailed play by play of this ride, much of it passed in a pained and low blood sugar haze, however my shoulders are sore from pushing up steep switchbacks, i have a rather smashing bruise on my calf, and the stomach muscles got the equivalent of an intensive ab workout from the heckling and cackling.

this was the maiden voyage of my heart rate monitor, i was very interested to see what the numbers were on the lung burning, snot string climbs, but i wasn't able to uncross my eyes and focus on the numbers- not that i would have known what they meant if i had been able to see. i learned that my co-dependence extends to the trails, offering the bottle i was carrying for melind-errr at every stop, until i realized she was perfectly capable of asking for it when she felt sufficiently parched.

finally, no ride is complete without mud, and both bike and rider were baptized at the bottom of a sticky downhill. amen.

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Cud we exchange our lives please please please?