Friday, February 23, 2007


there is nothing like a a virus that will bring all laz-ee boy physicians to the 'upright and lecturing postion'. people love an opportunity to deliver their expert, non-control group opinions on all manner of subjects; where to buy a car, how to cure ringworm, what a gentile should wear to synagogue, how to get the blue toilet water stain out of the hem of your bridesmaid dress, and what to do with the rest of your life.

a lot of advice sounds just plain voodoo, or simply so random and stupid that it might work (except it doesn't). i have been told to rub raw bacon on my chigger bites, i have gargled salt water, put toothpaste on my zits, nail polish on bug bites, and taped banana skin to my verrucas (plantars warts).

i seek it out, advice. i don't always follow it, much to the exasperation of my selected panel of advisers. perhaps it is more that i am taking a survey, polling to formulate my answer rather than being told what i should do. why would i want to deny myself of a learning opportunity to; listen, do, make a mistake, learn, do, hopefully not make the same mistake too many more times.

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